Crystals for weight loss?

There are crystals that can help you lose weight! Now, they’re not going to get on the treadmill and burn the calories for you, but weight loss crystals can help you stick to your goals and improve your willpower. Orange Calcite, Tiger’s Eye and Sunstone are a particularly potent collection of crystals that can support your weight loss goals.


Orange Calcite

An ideal crystal for helping you with your weight loss goals, Orange Calcite can increase your metabolism and jumpstart your energy. It also promotes positive thinking and clears feelings of stress, fear and tension. All those vibes are big-time helpers for getting out, working out and eating right.

Tiger's Eye

Boost your body transformation powers with Tiger’s Eye. This crystal can boost your metabolism and keep you focused on accomplishing your goals. Who doesn’t need more of that when they’re on their weight loss journey? Tiger’s Eye helps you keep your eye on the prize of feeling better about yourself and reaping the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Adding some extra power to your body’s metabolism will also help increase all the good work you’re doing to burn those calories and shake loose the positivity.


Another crystal that can help you lose weight is Sunstone. It’s particularly useful for boosting your cell functions, so all the good things you’re putting into your body and all the exercise you’re doing is amplified by this little beauty. As you hold a piece of Sunstone in your hand, you can feel every little cell in your body working just a little harder for you and your goals.

Losing weight with crystals

Whether you like to carry your crystals in your purse, set them on your desk or display them on your bedside table, including Orange Calcite, Tiger’s Eye and Sunstone, like the ones found in our Weight Loss Collection, in your life can give you the extra edge you need to accomplishing your health goals. Skip the elevator. Take the stairs. Eat the greens. You got this.
Happy healing!

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