Introducing the Grounding Collection

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A perfect match

Mark Groves, founder of Create the Love has long been helping people connect with themselves and each other. If it's time for you to strengthen your sense of self, the Grounding Collection pairs perfectly with the education and guidance that Create the Love offers.

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How to use healing crystals

Select crystals that support the goal you want to set

Hold your crystals in your hand and say your goal out loud

Keep your crystals near you, like in your purse or pocket, or on your desk or bedside table

It all started with caring for people going through tough times

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"I’ve used crystals for years. It’s great to see them perfectly packaged for all your needs. Great gift as well."

- Heather M.

"Such a great gift idea! Love the presentation!"

- Betty O.

"I can’t wait to bond with my new energetic rocks. I hope you check ‘em out because there's so much to love!⁣"

- Katilin M.

Take the guesswork out of using healing crystals

With so many beautiful crystals, it can be difficult to choose the ones that have the healing properties that you want. Learn how to pick the ones for you and use them to support your goals.


Support someone else’s journey when you give as a gift

Crystal collections are designed around specific intentions, making them meaningful gifts that can help you show the ones you love just how much you care.