Where our crystals come from

You might have heard about the dark side of crystal mining. No, not the Dark Crystal. More like unethically sourced crystals. Well, like most things in life, there are good guys and bad guys. Hopefully we can put your mind at ease by letting you know we work hard to be one of the good guys. “That’s exactly what a bad guy would say,” you might think. So let us elaborate on our suppliers and our commitment to ethical sourcing.

We have three suppliers, Kheops International in the US, Rockshop Wholesale in the UK and Agate Export in India. Their policies and information on sourcing can be found here, here and here. We’ve inquired further with our suppliers, and they’ve informed us that they source crystals from all over the world and do their best to monitor their supply chain. We’ll always be fully transparent about where our product comes from, and we’ll continue to make ethical sourcing a commitment because it’s important to us, and to you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us directly at hello@quartzcollective.com. Happy Healing!