Quartz Collective was born when all the owners, Ashley, Carolyn and Chrissy, were working together on a tight-knit office team. What made this team especially unique was that the majority of team members were female, which was pretty unheard of in this industry. Being mostly women, the team vibe was unlike most of us had ever experienced. It was incredibly supportive. We challenged each other. We were invested in one another's growth and well being. 

Throughout our time together in the office, we raised each other up, not just in our professional lives, but also our personal lives. And people's personal lives are messy. We were there for each other during illnesses, miscarriages, births, losses, new beginnings and so much more. 

Whenever someone was experiencing a bump in the road, we'd look for ways to brighten their spirit and help remind them of their strength. Often, we'd turn to crystals. They made such a meaningful gift. Crystals were the perfect healing tool that said, "lean on me and I'll help you through."

Over time, everyone on the team had crystals on their desk, each uniquely suited to their own personal journey. When we gave crystals as gifts, we often had to write their healing properties in a card or a Post-it. We never found the perfect little gift-ready package of healing crystals. So, we made our own. 

Our collections are fun, easy to use and super easy to give as a gift. Each collection is designed around an intention, so whether you're giving or receiving it, you'll know exactly which crystals are in it and what their healing properties are.

More recently, we've expanded beyond just crystal collections to other items that make thoughtful, meaningful that can help support your loved ones.

The universe is a crazy place, and everyone needs all the help they can get. So whether you found your way here on a personal journey, or you’re looking to help a loved one, welcome.


Chrissy, Carolyn & Ashley