What's the difference between tumbled stones and raw stones?

The difference between tumbled stones and raw stones is based on how they’re treated. The stones are made of the same elements and vary just like anything in nature does, it’s what happens to the stones after they’re gathered from the earth that sets them apart.

Raw stones

Raw stones are what stones look like after they’re pulled from the ground. Nothing has been done to treat them. This is why they often look more like rocks than crystals. They tend to be rougher and lack the shine and sheen of other crystals you’ve seen in stores.

Tumbled stones

Tumbled stones are, simply put, polished stones. They’re called tumbled stones because they get polished by a machine that tumbles them around until all the rough edges disappear. The process of tumbling the stones is what usually gives crystals that smooth, glossy, shiny appearance.

Are their healing powers different?

The jury is out on whether the power or energy a crystal holds differs based on whether or not it’s tumbled or raw. Just as many healers believe that stones are more powerful in their raw, unaltered state. Others think there’s no discernable difference and that the eye is drawn to the enhanced beauty of tumbled stones.

We say, try both. See what works for you. There’s no wrong way to use the healing power of crystals. We include both tumbled and raw stones in our collections. You can find the polished Carnelian from the picture above in our Postpartum Collection. So, whether you like rough and raw or pretty and polished, there’s a crystal collection that can help you manifest the life you want.

Happy healing!

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