Do healing crystals work?

Using crystals to help heal your mind and body isn’t a new phenomenon. Basically, the first group of cells that became humans were super into crystals. As people, both ancient and new, we are drawn to crystals and the qualities they possess. This may be because crystals are pretty and we gravitate toward shiny objects. But it could also be because just like humans, crystals contain elements and hold energy. The most basic way of putting it is that, us and crystals, we’re all made from the same junk.

Different crystals have different properties and adding a crystal to your life adds that property to your surroundings, affecting the properties of your body. If you think of your body as a cake that is in need of a little more flour, the right crystal is like the flour, balancing out the cake with the needed ingredient. Our curated crystals collections are designed around specific intentions so it’s easy to figure out what crystals can help you achieve your goals.

Setting intentions for your crystals

Though crystals each have their own special chemical makeup that gives each its unique set of properties, setting intentions for your crystals goes a long way in getting them to work for you. Tell those little nuggets what you want them to do. They are ready to listen and help you manifest the things you need most.

How to set intentions for your crystals

Getting your crystals to work by setting intentions for them is simple. If you’re new to crystals and intention setting, it’s common to feel a little like a fish out of water. That’s ok. Just lean it and let go. Here’s how it works:

Hold your crystal or crystals in your dominant hand.

  1. Clear your mind. Seriously. Hit reset and go blank.

  2. Focus on your crystals and say your intention out loud. They need to hear you. Let ‘em hear it.

That’s it. Three easy steps. After that, keep your crystals close to you. Good spots are your purse, your pocket, your bedside table, your desk or even under your pillow at night.

If you want to get extra fancy, you can state and restate your intention when there’s a new moon. It can add a little extra somethin’ somethin’ to the energy exchange between you and your crystals. 

Crystals hold the power you give them

Crystals can be used as tools to empower yourself. The more power you give your crystals, the more power you can manifest in your life. Your world is what you make it, and crystals can help you make it the world you want.

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