How to give the best gift to a friend

Giving a great gift isn't always easy. Simply finding the right item to show your friend not only how much you care, but how well you know and understand them can be tricky for expected occasions like birthdays and Christmas. Life's more difficult moments make caring and gift giving even more complicated in times when you want to support your friends and loved ones most.  

Give the best gift to a friend

Support your friend with the best gift

If you have a loved one who has just gotten divorced or gone through a breakup, or one who experienced a death or a loss, or a friend who has been struggling with mental health, caring for them can feel a little awkward and difficult. Not wanting to do or say the wrong thing in those moments can become overwhelming. Wanting to be there, but not wanting to overstep or upset that loved one can prevent you from showing up as your best self. So, how do you overcome your own anxieties and simply show up for the people you care about when they need you most?


Listening is an amazing gift, maybe even the best gift you can give your friend. Being the one who calls, or shows up, just to lend your ear is usually the most cherished and helpful act of love and care. 

Show up (if you can)

Showing up goes hand in hand with listening. We don't always live near our loved ones, but if you do, sitting next to them in these low moments, just to be there even when they're not ready to talk, can be a comforting and welcomed gift. 

Write them an email or note

Putting your feelings about your loved one into words can provide much needed comfort, and it can become a piece that friend or family member can turn to again and again. Let them know how much they mean to you and get specific about their wonderful traits. Let them know you're there to support them, to listen, to show up. And if they're not ready to talk or take visitors, let them know you'll be there waiting for when they are. 

Do some chores

When someone is going through a tough time, it can be difficult to do fun things. Doing the basic, boring chores that just get us from one day to the next can be even more overwhelming. So, help out. Do the dishes. Run the vacuum. Pick up some groceries. Babysit the kids. Helping with these small and mundane tasks can really help make your friend's life a little easier. 

Really want to give them a physical gift? Make it meaningful.

Choose an item that shows your love and support in that low moment they're experiencing. A crystal collection from Quartz Collective can help you do just that. Each collection is designed around a specific intention that can help your loved one through tough times. The healing energy specific to each crystal can help give them a tool for balancing and working toward the best version of themselves. 

No matter what your friend is experiencing, finding a way to show your love and support is the best gift they could ever ask for. 

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