How to use crystals for healing

There’s no wrong way to use a crystal. But it’s not uncommon to feel a little funny about using them for the first time. If we’re being completely honest, starting to use crystals means you’re dipping your toes in the water of woo. We think that’s awesome. Everyone needs a little more woo-woo in their life. So, welcome. Embrace this new experience. And if you’re new to using crystals, here’s the play-by-play on how to use them to jumpstart your healing process. 

1. Hold your crystals in your dominant hand

That first step is so simple, right? You can totally do this. If this step has you stumped, we’ll break it down a little more. If you’re right-handed, like, you hold pencils, forks and scissors in your right hand, then you should hold your crystals in your right hand. And if you’re left-handed, hold your crystals in your left hand.

The act of holding crystals in your dominant hand is easy. But if you’re left wondering why you righties should hold crystals in their right hand, it all goes back to your body’s energy and aligning that energy with your crystals’ energies. Healers and energy gurus believe that you have a sending and a receiving hand. Your dominant hand is the sending hand. It pushes energy out into the universe. When you hold your crystals in your sending hand, you are amplifying the energy and intentions you are sending out into the universe. Cool? Cool.

2. Clear your mind

This one sounds easy, but can be a little challenging. Oh, you’re not constantly updating your mental to-do list? Yeah … us either … Unplugging and quieting the millions of thoughts racing through your brain is tough. There’s seemingly always one more thing to think about and one more thing to take care of. So, clearing your mind isn’t something to take lightly. We find it helps to find a quiet, comfortable space. Have a relaxing spot like that in your house? Good for you. Have to do it in your car while parked in a fast food restaurant parking lot because it’s the only place you can find peace anymore? Also good for you. Wherever that spot is, it’s yours and it’s beautiful. Take some deep breaths once you’re there. Then take some more and start to slow down. Slow down your breathing. Slow down the crazy. And just let. your. mind. rest. Clear the junk. Make some space. Practice makes perfect with this one.

3. State your intention out loud 

Having a WTF is an intention moment? Not to worry. Quite literally, an intention is something you intend for yourself. Something you want. Something you desire. Something you are working toward. This hot little article from the Chopra Center says intention is the starting point of every dream. How beautiful is that?! So, whatever it is you’re intending for yourself, say that thing out loud. And get loud about it. Say it with meaning. Say it with confidence. Make those crystals hear you. Make the universe believe you.

This is when the crystals you’ve selected play a big role. Using crystals that are aligned with your intentions amplify and uplevel the power of your intentions. In simpler terms, using crystals that help ease the pain of a loss, like the Rhodonoite, Apache Tear and Ruby in Zoisite that are included in our Loss Collection, increase the power of your loss-related intention. 

That's it

Really. That’s it. Now you’re a pro. Look at you go with all your crystal-using knowledge and power.

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