The best gift for new moms

One of the best gifts I ever received as a new mama was a handwritten note entitled “Self Care”. It was a list of 20+ simple ways I could take a moment for myself, broken out by whether I had one minute, five minutes or ten minutes. Included were things like Take a few deep breaths, Go outside, Do a mud mask, Run a hot bath. They were all things I could do easily in and around the house—because let’s face it: no new mama has the time or the energy to leave the house for 2+ hours and head to the spa for some self care. I taped that note to my bathroom mirror and tried to do something from the list every day.

Give them a moment

Having that moment, really ANY moment to yourself during those first few months of motherhood, is a gift. Being a mama is hard, and the beginning can be especially trying. It of course can be beautiful and wonderful and magical, but it can also be overwhelming. All you’re focused on is caring for this new little human, who depends on you for literally everything. It’s a lot. Your needs very quickly start to come last, and the thought of self care is well, nonexistent.

Remind them they matter

Crystals can remind new mamas to take a moment for themselves. Just stop for one minute and take a few deep breaths. Your needs, your wants, your intentions matter. It’s ok if you’re living in your spit-up-stained robe and haven’t showered in four days, you are doing amazing things right now! And you’re the best mama in this world for that baby. Give yourself grace, and give yourself a moment to be still.

Which crystals can help?

Our Postpartum Collection includes Carnelian for energy and courage, Stromatolite for support during this time of transition and Serpentine, representing the power to grow into a new role with confidence.

So give that new mama some crystals and remind her that she is an absolute badass totally deserving of some (actually attainable and realistic) ME time.

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