Using crystals to cope with loss

The death of a loved one or a family pet is never easy. It’s devastating, all the way around. That’s why we created the Loss Collection, three curated crystals that help ease pain and get you started on the path to healing.

Each of these crystals can help guide you through this dark and trying time. It can also be a meaningful way to connect with and support someone coping with a loss. Using crystals for healing purposes is certainly not a new phenomenon, in fact it dates back to the ancient times when Egyptians would use them.

Our hope is that this collection can help you or your loved ones get started on the path to healing in a way that suits you best. Trust me, I know first hand. I lost a best friend recently to cancer and these trusted gems continue to help me with clarity and healing on a daily basis. And since not everyone experiences grief in the same way, or in any specific order, it’s helpful to know that there are healing properties within Mother Earth that can help heal our souls during times of need.

The Loss Collection: Understanding Each Crystal and How They Help

Every dark has its dawn, and this collection serves to help guide you through the grieving process. We’ve chosen Rhodonite, Apache Tear and Ruby in Zoisite in creating our Loss Collection. Each crystal contains specific properties, uniquely suited to shepherd you through this dark period.

Helps transform, balance and stabilize your emotions. Rhodonite gently uplifts your energy and helps you achieve a deeper understanding of life. 

Apache Tear
An ideal outlet for grief, Apache Tear is a protection stone that can help you transform negative feelings into positive ones and give your heart the space it needs to heal.

Ruby In Zoisite
Release your pain and sorrow with the help of Ruby in Zoisite. This transformative stone offers spiritual comfort can help you find joy in even the darkest hour.


How to Use Your Crystals

People can use crystals in lots of different ways. We always recommend that you first simply pick up your crystal. If you’re a righty, use your right hand. If you’re a lefty, use your left hand. Then, clear your mind of all thoughts and focus on the crystal in your hand. Next, say out loud the goal you want to accomplish using your crystal. Finally, keep your crystal where you’ll see or be near it often, like your bedside table, your desk at work or in your purse. During my recent loss, I kept my crystals closest to my heart and wore then in my bra. You could even just slip them in your pockets. There’s really no wrong place to keep them.

How to Charge Your Crystals

There are many ways you can charge and cleanse your crystals’ energy, but our favorite is with a little water and moonlight. Give your stones a little rinse and set them outside when there’s a full moon. Bring them back inside the next morning, and be careful to not let them stay in the sun too long. It might cause some crystals to fade.

Helping You on Your Path to Healing

We created the Loss Collection with the intention of helping those going through hard moments in life, like losing a loved one. Whether you use our crystals personally or gift them to someone in need, our hope is that in time, you’ll be on your path to healing.

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