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Each and every crystal has its own set of unique properties. Clear quartz, for example, is the most powerful crystal out there. It amplifies any energy or intention and makes the properties of other crystals it’s used with stronger. Nifty, eh? So how do you know what’s what in the land of crystals? It can be a little overwhelming for sure. So, let’s break this down nice and easy.

The gravitational pull

If you’re not looking to manifest something specific in your life, then a great way to figure out what crystal you should use is by looking at a lot of different crystals and discovering which ones you’re most attracted to. Often you’ll be drawn to a specific crystal that possesses the properties you need most. Once you find that special stone, it will start to increase the power of the intentions you were already working toward.

Finding crystals that match your intentions

When you are searching for crystals that will enhance and amplify the power behind a specific intention, then it’s important to understand how the properties of specific crystals will play a role in that process. With so many crystals and the opinions of so many healers, it can be tricky to find the right rocks for the job. That’s a big part of why we started Quartz Collective. We wanted to take some of the guesswork and hard work out of trying to find the crystals that will help you live your best life. Our carefully curated collections are packed with crystals that are uniquely suited to meet the needs of specific intentions.

  • Signature Collection: Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz. This collection is designed to enhance all our other collections. They are the foundational set of crystals. The essential three crystals for anyone looking to dabble with crystal healing power. Clear Quartz is the master healer and it can amplify the power of all other crystals. Amethyst calms and heals. And Rose Quartz is an oversized dose of self love.


  • Grounding Collection: Hematite, Green Aventurine and Stromatolite. This collection is designed to amplify your ability to balance your physical, mental and emotional states while reconnecting with your authentic sense of self. These stones can help guide you as you take on new challenges, or start a new chapter of your life, or they can simply be a tool for you as you turn inward and get to know yourself and your needs and goals better than before. 


  • Birth Collection: Moss Agate, Picture Jasper and Chrysocolla. Pushing out a baby is tough work. This collection can help you get through it all like the powerful woman you are. Moss Agate knocks fear out, and let’s be honest, the idea of getting 7lbs out of your hoo-hah is a little scary. Picture Jasper is calming and comforting energy to help guide you through this transformation. And Chrysocolla amplifies your personal power and enhances your confidence. Exactly what you need in the delivery room. Or pool in your living room. Or backseat of a taxi. There’s not a wrong way to have a baby.


  • Anxiety Collection: Aragonite, Jet Stone and Dalmatian Jasper. Dealing with anxiety can feel like a never-ending battle. This collection is designed to put more weapons in your anxiety-slaying arsenal. Aragonite is a grounding, centering stone that helps crush stress. Jet Stone helps keep negative energy away from you. And Dalmatian Jasper helps remedy feelings of uneasiness and sets you up to kick negative thought patterns.


  • Healing Collection: Citrine, Bloodstone and Fluorite. Take care of yourself with this trio of crystals. Emanating positivity and joy, Citrine can help you regenerate your spiritual self, giving energy to your body and enhancing your health. For thousands of years, Bloodstone has been used for its healing properties and connection to blood. It can help restore and rebuild the body and mind. Fluorite is thought to have natural antiviral, immunity and anti-inflammatory qualities that can help you balance your energy and sustain your overall health.


  • Loss Collection: Rhodonite, Apache Tear and Ruby in Zoisite. Experiencing the loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult moments there is. This collection can help you heal. And for friends and family members who are looking to show their support for someone who’s experienced a loss, this collection makes a deeply meaningful and memorable gift. Rhodonite helps stabilize and transform your emotions while gently lifting your energy. Apache Tear is an outlet for grief. It’s a protection stone that helps to transform your negative feelings into positive ones and gives your heart the space it needs to heal. And Ruby in Zoisite helps release your pain and sorrow. It’s a transformative stone that offers spiritual comfort and helps you find joy in even the darkest hour.


  • Luck Collection: Sodalite, Pyrite and Tree Agate. If you’re looking to attract more good luck in your life, this is the collection for you. It can also be an excellent gift to send someone off on the right foot to a big game, new endeavor or important moment. Attract success with Sodalite, a stone that can help instill courage, confidence and endurance as you endeavor to achieve your goals.  A great symbol of wealth and good fortune, Pyrite deflects negative energy and attracts prosperity, good luck and abundance in your life. The stone of plentitude, Tree Agate fortifies positive energy, promotes abundance, encourages fullness and helps bring good fortune.


  • Confidence Collection: Hematite, Goldstone and Red Jasper. Believe in yourself! That’s what this collection helps you do. And if you know someone who can use a little more confidence, this makes a great gift. With grounding and balancing energy, Hematite is a highly protective stone that helps instill courage, enhance self esteem and heighten self confidence. Improve your sense of self worth with Goldstone, a crystal that can help revitalize the confidence you have in yourself and your abilities. A powerful, fiery stone, Red Jasper increases courage and willpower while giving you the strength to go after your goals and desires.


  • Protection Collection: Lapis Lazuli, Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian. Feel like the world is out to get you? Have a coworker waiting for you to make a mistake? A neighbor letting their dog piss in your yard? The Protection Collection can help. Overflowing with protective energies, Lapis Lazuli has the power to help you ward off evil, enhance your intellectual abilities and make your best decisions. Black Tourmaline helps cleanse, purify and transform negative energies into positivity that can fill all aspects of your life. An essential tool for removing negative energy, Black Obsidian can quickly clear unfriendly vibes and help protect you from bad fortune. 


  • Housewarming Collection: Selenite, Gypsum Rose and Smoky Quartz. Forget the wine or a plant. The perfect housewarming gift is one that can help a home become a loving and prosperous center for living. Pick one up for yourself to help make your new house (apartment, dorm, whatever) your dream home. A crystal that helps increase a home’s healthy chi, Selenite pulls in positivity and circulates throughout the house, keeping its inner energy bright. Invite the energies of abundance and prosperity into your home with Gypsum Rose, a stone that can enhance a comforting and loving atmosphere. Smoky Quartz envelops your home in a cloak of protection, directing negativity away and helping to create a space of harmony and balance. 


  • Weight Loss Collection: Orange Calcite, Tiger’s Eye and Sunstone. Weight loss and health journeys aren’t always easy. Put a little extra power boost in your corner. A powerful stone, Tiger’s Eye can help transform your body into a healthy one, help boost your metabolism and keep you focused on accomplishing your goals. Get help burning extra calories with Sunstone, a gem that can boost your cell functions, increase your metabolism and jumpstart your energy. And Orange Calcite can stimulate your metabolism and increase your energy.


  • New Beginnings Collection: Amazonite, Labradorite and Cat’s Eye. Whether you’re starting a new endeavor yourself or helping a friend, this collection can help. For a fresh start, Amazonite can be especially helpful in helping you make positive life changes as it increases your faith in yourself and your choices. If you’re going through a big life transition, Labradorite can help support you with personal growth and transforming your circumstances. Cat’s Eye can help heal wounded emotions and hurtful memories so that you’re better able to charge full speed ahead into the future.

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