Confidence Collection

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The Confidence Collection contains Hematite, Goldstone and Red Jasper to not only remind you that you’re a badass, but to help you believe and embrace those vibes. This collection also makes a great gift for loved ones feeling down on themselves or going through a rough patch. Everyone can use a confidence boost every now and again.

Each crystal in the collection is paired with a written description of its properties and uses as well as an overview of how to use and charge your new crystals.

Hematite: With grounding and balancing energy, Hematite is a highly protective stone that helps instill courage, enhance self esteem and heighten self confidence.

Goldstone: This stone is like your own personal cheerleader, helping to improve your sense of self worth and boosting the confidence you have in your abilities.

Red Jasper: A powerful, fiery stone, Red Jasper increases courage and willpower while giving you the strength to go after your goals and desires.