Anxiety Collection

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The Anxiety Collection contains Aragonite, Jet Stone and Dalmatian Jasper. It’s designed to soothe and calm the negative nervous energy that’s affecting you. The collection is beautifully packaged and ready to ship to you or a loved one. Manage your own anxiety with this collection, or gift it to someone else to show your support.

Each crystal in the collection is paired with a written description of its properties and uses as well as an overview of how to use and charge your new crystals.

Aragonite: A powerful aid for helping you to stay grounded, present and centered, Aragonite can help you overcome stress and anxiety.

Jet Stone: Draw out negative energies and emotions with Jet Stone, a protective crystal that can help you release stress, anxiety, fear, grief and depression.

Dalmation Jasper: Overcome negative thinking and stop detrimental patterns with Dalmation Jasper, which can help transform feelings of anxiety and uneasiness.