Housewarming Collection

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The Housewarming Collection is made up of Selenite, Gypsum Rose and Smoky Quartz to bring good vibes and positive feelings into your new place. As a gift, this collection goes beyond a bottle of wine or a houseplant, letting your friend or family member know that you really care about them and support them in this new chapter of their life.

Each crystal in the collection is paired with a written description of its properties and uses as well as an overview of how to use and charge your new crystals.

Selenite: A crystal that helps increase a home’s healthy chi, Selenite pulls in positivity and circulates throughout the house, keeping its inner energy bright.

Gypsum Rose: Invite the energies of abundance and prosperity into your home with Gypsum Rose, a stone that can enhance a comforting and loving atmosphere.

Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz envelops your home in a cloak of protection, directing negativity away and helping to create a space of harmony and balance.