Weight Loss Collection

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The Weight Loss Collection contains Orange Calcite, Tiger’s Eye and Sunstone to support you with your weight loss goals. As you embark on this health journey, these crystals will help energize and motivate you to adopt beneficial habits and a positive lifestyle.

Each crystal in the collection is paired with a written description of its properties and uses as well as an overview of how to use and charge your new crystals.

Orange Calcite: Encouraging bursts of energy, Orange Calcite promotes positive thinking and clears feelings of stress, fear and tension while helping you overcome feelings of lethargy.

Tiger’s Eye: A powerful stone, Tiger’s Eye can help transform your body into a healthy one, help boost your metabolism and keep you focused on accomplishing your goals.

Sunstone: Get help burning extra calories with Sunstone, a gem that can boost your cell functions, increase your metabolism and jumpstart your energy.